Reviving an Abandoned Project (part 1 of 2)

A couple years ago, we were playing Super Meat Boy and Rayman Legend. We were enjoying those games then suddenly an idea pops out. "Why don't we make a game like this?". Yeah, starting a new project is easy. But finishing it is another story smiley. About 6 months after the talk, somehow we finished making a 2D action platformer game named Kimo! and released it on Google Playstore. This game is actually our 3rd game released on playstore. The process took about 3-4 months. We are happy with the result. This game is such a big accomplishment for us. It's simply a pleasant feeling watching our friends and fans enjoy that game so much. Here how the game looks like:

It is indeed looks very similiar to Super Meat Boy. The movement, wall jump, and some other mechanics are just the same. Even the character looks awfully similar devil. Don't blame us. It is because we really loved Super Meat Boy and that game inspires us a lot in the making of Kimo! cheeky

Time flies. Now we are facing the problem: 3 games released, the monetization didn't go well. It is really hard to gain organic downloads and stand out in the crowds of Google Playstore. We actually didn't plan about the marketing stuff. We have no experience in marketing. And we lack of budget to do paid marketing. To make it worse, some people pirated our games. Remove the ads and hack the game that player will have an infinite coins. Wow.

We are about to make our 4th game. We were thinking to make a PC game. Perhaps desktop game market is not as evil as mobile game market laugh. The idea is we will make a sequel of Kimo!. We want to make this next game is richer and more complex since it's for desktop/PC. Then we start the development of "The Light Seeker". Here how the game looks like in April 2016 when we were showing this on INGAME Jogja:

The game is improving over time. We joined CompFest Indie Game Ignite and we got some achievements. Here how the game looks like after about 5 months (September 2016):

And we got the 3rd Winner and Best Game Audio award from CompFest Indie Game Ignite 2016. Yeay!

The sad thing goes from here. We were stuck at this moment. We were busy with college stuff and other side paid project. Guess what. We didn't touch this project for... a year. A whole fu***ng year. Now is October 2017. The good news is we are reviving this project. We are fixing the core gameplay engine, improving arts, and other stuffs. If you are curious how this project looks like now, you can read the part 2. I will post it soon. See ya!